Everything is a “system” these days. Even the simplest of tasks can now be programmable, run on electricity, and “smart.” Kohler’s new shower system, the DTV, is all of the above. As much a spa as a shower, the DTV employs a Digital Interface, a Digital Shower Valve, and a customizable array of multiple showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays (up to 8, total) to elevate the shower experience to new heights. Bathers can use the Interface dial and buttons to program a customized hydrotherapy experience that adjusts massage effects (up, down, or wave massage) and temperature flow, and sets the water to turn from hot to cold or vice versa. Each user can program a personalized shower experience—this, people, is LUXURY. conservation-minded it is not—the DTV has a well-drying flow rate of up to 21 gallons of water per minute. The word “excessive” comes to mind. While I don’t live in a drought-threatened area, I have to imagine the DTV won’t be a realistic option for homes where water consumption is tightly regulated. The DTV will be officially launched at the National Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago, which is held April 21-23. Check back for pricing.