If you have carpet in your home, or you’re thinking of installing carpet, you’re probably aware of some of the health risks. Installing, cleaning, and removing carpet can pose some pretty serious dangers to those with respiratory problems such as asthma. Carpet can also be a nuisance to those with certain skin issues, as well. Now, I hear all this, and I understand what I’m being told, but I STILL like carpet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a carpet that was easy to live with? Customweave thought so and did something about it. The Australian rug makers joined the soy revolution and came up with a 100% soy carpet that claims to be a good fit for those with respiratory and skin issues. Using waste product from soy-bean processing—millions of tons per year—Soy Luxe carpet has a texture of cashmere, velvet, and alpaca combined. It even comes in hand-tufted cut pile. Soy Luxe costs about $650 AUD per square meter—not cheap, that’s for sure. No word yet on availability in the US. And I thought that Tofurkey was cool.

Credit: Treehugger

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