It’s been about 50 years since the introduction of the “self-cleaning” oven, according to a recent press release by Maytag. The same company has declared it time for an update to that technology and has introduced its AquaLift self-cleaning feature that enables consumers to clean their oven with nothing more than low heat and water.

An exclusive enamel oven coating activates with water and low heat, which allows the moisture to release tough baked-on messes. Within an hour’s time the oven is ready for a wipe-down.

The AquaLift is a departure from the routine required by current self-clean models, which involves high heat and results in a house full of odors.

Most folks would agree that oven cleaning is a tedious and grimy job, even with effective self-cleaning ovens. Let’s hope this new technology catches on in other brands.

Maytag AquaLift