A house holds a lot of valuable items. Most importantly, it holds you and your family. If you are looking to beef up the security system in and around your home, here are 10 tips provided by DIY Network:

1) A knob lock is not enough. Top locks and deadbolts are much more secure.
2) A heavy-duty lock on a light-duty door does not work. Door strength is important.
3) A dead lock with a throw bolt is effective.
4) Dogs of dog-imitating alarms ward off intruders.
5) Motion sensors scare criminals.
6) Internet-based security camera systems are great tools.
7) Get a safe to store valuables in.
8) Secondary locks (Such as deadbolts on the interior) are important.
9) Alarms scare people away.
10) Do not obstruct your windows with bushes or shrubs. They will help a burglar go unseen.

If you have any home security tips of your own, please add them to the comments section. Even the smallest of steps can drastically improve a home’s security.