As the first storm of the Hurricane Season bears down on Florida, we at Renovate with Tommy Mac are keenly aware of the needs of coastal homeowners for designs and products that make their homes safer in severe weather. Here’s one we came across called the Hurricane Harness—think of it as a seat belt for the home. Effective in storms up to Category 5, the Hurricane Harness protects and secures the most vulnerable part of the home during a storm—the roof. Homeowners would attach the harness the moment a hurricane warning is issued, just as they cover the windows with shutters. This roof harness system is relatively easy to install (they claim it takes about an hour) and will prevent the roof from exploding off the house in the event of an internal pressure buildup during a storm. High strength, low stretch straps act as harnesses, which are buckled to foundation of the home via stainless steel bolts. Installation service is currently only available in the Tampa Bay area, but the company plans to make the product more widely available through home building stores. We’ll keep you posted.

Hurricane Harness