No, this is not an endorsement for the iPhone (although I have one and must say I enjoy it fully, with the exception of the dropped calls).

Rather, this is clarification on the last App used in the commercial. Schlage wants it clear to all that the App being used is part of the Schlage LiNK System package, a remote monitoring system that utilizes Z-Wave technology and Z-wave enabled components to grant homeowners remote access to lighting, heating and security aspects of the home.

To control systems in your home you’ll need Z-wave control devices (thermostats, lighting modules, etc.), and to remotely monitor door and lock usage you’ll need a Schlage LiNK lock. From an internet-enabled laptop or phone (or through the iPhone App) you can remotely set up temporary access codes for guests and check to see who has come in through the front door–a cool feature for worried parents with latchkey kids.

Of course, remote monitoring and home control is nothing new, but it’s nice to see it a little more streamlined and accessible.

Back in MY day, when the family took a trip and someone left the living room lights on, we’d have to turn around and shut it off, no matter how far we had traveled. And then we’d never hear the end of it.

Not that I could have ever convinced my old fashioned parents to buy in to this kind of remote monitoring system, even if it had been around.

Do you have a remote monitoring system? How do you like it?