Technological advances and innovative concepts keep coming to help defend our homes against nature’s destructive forces. This time it’s Fastnet, a product designed to prevent shingles and tiles from flying off in hurricane force winds. The Fastnet system uses a specially designed rope called Parafil, which has a core of “tightly packed high strength synthetic fibers encased in a tough and durable polymeric sheath.” The Fastnet system uses a vast net called Paranet, constructed of Parafil, positioned over the entire roof and fastened at the edges and tensioned in place with what they call a “Gripple” system. Testing done in England by the Lancaster University-Product Development Unit found the Fastnet system to hold roofing tiles intact in winds of up to 155 mph—the equivalent of a category four hurricane. Fastnet has opened an office in Florida and has fitted a few houses in Sarasota, Naples, and Titusville with their Fastnet system. The company will soon be listing the names of registered installers in Florida directly on their website. A plus for homeowners in Florida—the Fastnet system does not require Florida Building Code approval. The system was made to be as invisible as possible. There’s no word yet on cost, so check back for word on official availability in the States. We’re hoping it will be made available before the first big one of the season hits.

Fastnet International