Electricity technology hasn’t really changed that much over the last 100 years. In fact the idea originally pioneered from Thomas Alva Edison for the breakers are pretty much identical today. With that said, isn’t it time for some fresh ideas? The majority of all electrical fires in homes happen at the outlet with a device that isn’t preforming properly. A simple new elegant idea has surfaced thanks to John La Grou, a long-time electronics inventor, audio designer and entrepreneur, who wants to help save lives and more. This new idea takes advantage of RFID tags in the plug of a simple household electrical device and talks to another RFID reader in the outlet. If the device starts to require more power than it should it tells the outlet to just turn off. A simple, cost effective way to stop a potential fire. Not only does this increase the safety but can be used to cycle electricity in new ways and save on energy. As a electrical DIYer I see the need for this change. COME ON Underwriters Laboratories/Government agencies…let’s make this happen. Save people, save energy and is affordable? What are we waiting on? You have to see this for yourself at TEDcom, a 4 minute video that needs to be shared.

Credit: Ted.com – Ideas Worth Spreading