Depending on your musical taste (that means you, Yanni-heads), Paradigm’s new Rock Monitor speakers may or may not be considered a home “improvement”. I know, it’s not the first speaker to look like a rock, nor is it the prettiest, but Paradigm is a big name in high-end audio, so it may very well be the best sounding. Each of the faux fieldstones houses two 1-inch titanium offset dome tweeters and a 6 ½-inch woofer with dual voice coils. Geek to English, that means for most backyards you’ll only need a single rock to get stereo coverage. For bigger properties, you can arrange a veritable quarry of speakers to bathe every inch, if that’s your thing. They’re weatherproof (obviously), available in a variety of finishes, and include a security cable for those “can-I-borrow-that” type neighbors. Available very soon at $249 a pop.

Credit: TechLiving