When I first saw a pepper grinder sporting the label “Vic Firth”, I thought it was a misprint. The only Vic Firth I had ever heard of was the drumstick maker, the man who makes the sticks I use. Apparently Vic Firth, after a lifetime of making the best drumsticks in the world, has decided to move on to making gourmet peppermills, salt mills, and rolling pins. Firth’s product designs are sleek and sturdy, and although his name is not as recognizable in food circles as Emeril’s, it is synonmous with quality products—you wouldn’t believe the abuse I’ve put his drumsticks through over the years. All his gourmet wood products are handcrafted in Maine and carry a lifetime guarantee. Check out his “Lock and Grind” (not a dance move) patented grinding system. Who knew a professional drummer could be a Renaissance man?

Vic Firth Gourmet