I once took the advice of my Mom and tried substituting those prickly plastic Dryer Balls for standard dryer sheets. I liked the idea of keeping unnecessary chemicals away from my clothes (dryer sheets can have all sorts of toxic chemicals impregnated into them). What I found, though, was that the Dryer Balls didn’t do much to soften the clothes or reduce static. And they certainly did nothing to improve the smell.

I have yet to try “laundry balls,” the dryer balls’ washing machine counterpart. Just today I saw an announcement that Oransi, manufacturer of a laundry ball option popular in Europe, will be selling its cost $32.95. One 10-ounce “load” of the special detergent in the ball lasts 120 wash cycles (or 12 months, according to the site).

For a video demo on how the Robby Wash works, check out their YouTube video.

The undying question: do these types of detergent-replacement solutions work? I like the idea of eliminating traditional detergents, which aren’t the best for the environment, but I want my washing detergent–in whatever form it comes–to actually work. $30 isn’t much to spend for a trial run with Robby Wash, so I may just give this one a try.

Would you try the Robby Wash?

Robby Wash