The Aussies have a clear (and legitimate) fixation on water and water conservation. There’s just not a whole lot there to go around. So it’s not big surprise that an Australian company would come up with a “grey water” purification system that turns your wastewater into reusable water for toilets, laundry, and landscaping. Aqua Clarus has designed a closed-treatment tank that acts like a mini ecosystem to break down impurities and allow up to 60% of household water to be reused. The system has EPA approval, so we Yanks can enjoy the benefits of any one of three different systems offered by the Aqua Clarus, toping out at the flagship “Super Natural Grey” system, which treats water for up to 10 people. Best of all, the process is entirely natural—no odious chemicals , thank you. Units cost somewhere between $6000-$9000, depending on size and other factors.

Aqua Clarus