Wannabe chicken keepers have a few hurdles standing in their way. They need chickens, permission (from the town – check yours first) and, of course, a coop.

For those who aren’t inclined to build their own, there’s this new design by John Wright, called the “Modern Coop.” Seen posted on Treehugger.com, the coop is made out of post-consumer reclaimed wood and sells for $790 (which seems a bit high to us). Plans go for $125, which is probably more than the materials cost, given it’s made from reclaimed wood.

Still, it’s a funky little design that could look right at home in almost any backyard. Wright also offers a wheeled option so the coop can be easily moved about the yard to avoid killing the grass.

What do you think? Is it good enough for your chickens?

Credit: TreeHugger