Spartan-style tiny homes are popping up everywhere across the country. Call it what you will: a shift towards sustainable living; a natural response to a recessed economy; a necessary move by a generation burdened by enormous debt. Whatever it is, the movement is real.

There are serious practical considerations to made before committing to living in small spaces. But there are some serious benefits, too. Writer Katherine Martinko lays out some of these in her recent piece on raising her family in a 1200 sq foot home. Not tiny by definition, but still over 1600 sq feet smaller than the average American home.

Some of the biggest takeaways from living small, according to Martinko, are the money saved, increased time spent outdoors and a shift away from coveting possessions.

She doesn’t delve too much into the challenges or the negatives, although they must be there. It’s harder to shut away a misbehaving child when there simply isn’t the room to do so. One would imagine privacy takes on a slightly different definition in such an environment.

For a full account first-hand account on small-home living, check out the full article here.

Credit: Treehugger