As prime remodeling season here in the North races toward its close, I’m left trying to make decisions about heating and flooring before the winter months arrive. Like most homeowners, I want it all. Radiant heat, wood floors, sock-sliding glossy finishes, and an all-new look. The problem is that there’s more to it than just raiding my bank account. As I read and prepare, the warnings pile up. To make a radiant hardwood floor installation work within the standard warranties, I’d need to monitor acclimation of the subfloor, installation of the wood floor, and the ongoing humidity levels in my home if I want to keep the floors from checking or warping. Ughh, I have a hard enough time taking care of routine maintenance. In this part of the country, it’s hard to get humidity levels up during the cold season. We’re always putting pots of water on the wood stove and such. In the warm months, we’re often way above the 40%-60% recommended humidity levels. So, I wonder, what’s the best solution for me? I could get a humidity monitoring system in the house, which would move me closer to my whole-house ventilation goal, or I could reevaluate the heating solution. Time is ticking… got to get that project finished before the frost. I’ll keep you posted.

Credit: Planet Hardwood