It must be pretty funny to watch me water the gardens in front of my house. By the time I’m done stretching and pulling the hose—which mangles the bushes at the corner of the house—I’m left with a tangled mess that can’t even be properly wound on my hose reel. And when I reel it back in, I get covered with wet dirt from the hose as I try to keep it from stacking on top of itself and tipping off the reel, jamming between the mechanism and the house. No wonder I hate to water!

The people at Rapid Reel Hose Reels take these issues seriously. They have heavy-duty reels that hold hose lengths from 150 to 225 feet. They carry models that are portable so that you can irrigate at points distant from the house. They even offer two- and four-wheel models for rough going. They sell house reels that mount parallel or perpendicular to the exterior wall, depending on how you want the hose to leave the point of contact. That feature alone would save me from my troubles! They have all kinds of guarantees against leaking and defects, plus a 10-year warranty on the product. For those who power wash or paint with a sprayer, they have reels for that, too.

Commercial or residential, Rapid Reel seems to have found the answer to knotty hoses and painful reeling. Check them out. Base models start at just $99—a small price to pay for reserving one’s dignity and bushes as the neighbors watch you while sipping iced tea across the street.

Rapid Reel