Engineers know that if you want a system to work efficiently, you must simplify, simplify, simplify. Well, I don’t think you can get much more simple than the Cement Solution Concrete Mixing Bag. To use the Mixing Bag, dump the ready-mix concrete into the bag, add the recommended amount of water, secure the bag with the tie strap, mix on the ground for about a minute, and Voila(!)- ready to pour cement. No additional tools necessary. Mixing cement can be a messy, laborious process, but the guy in the Concrete Mixing Bag instructional video demonstrates it while wearing a shirt and tie. The bag is reusable so you can use it for your one-off cement jobs or larger projects. One customer informed the company he used it for a project involving 20 bags of ready mix concrete. A chart is printed on the side of the Mixing Bag detailing the recommended amount of water to add to achieve the ideal mix. Since the bag can become heavy with poured concrete, it is recommended customers mix the concrete close the pouring site. The Cement Solution website has an online store and a store locater so customers can find a local distributor.

The Cement Solution