With less than one week left to All Hallows’ Eve, it’s time to make one final costume store run, order that scary movie off Netflix, and stockpile candy corn. Of course, it’s also time to take a knife to a pumpkin. But beware — butchering a pumpkin has its consequences. Those seemingly innocuous gourds know vengeance, and no one wants to wake sweating in the middle of the night to the sound of an anguished wail: “You carved my face….now I clog your drains!”

We’ve warned you about the dangers of pumpkin slop and seeds clogging your drains before and even before that. But a quick reminder doesn’t hurt. Basically, plumbers love late October because they make a killing off of pumpkin carvers who try to wash the pumpkin guts down the drain. The guts soon harden, clogging the drain and disposal and leading to a big scary check to Mr. Plumber. So don’t dump the pumpkin innards down the sink, and, for goodness’ sakes, please don’t flush them down the toilet. Instead, trash them, compost them, or, if you fancy seeds, roast them up and eat them.

Now that we’ve brought you that cautionary tale, here’s a happier post from Halloweens past: a house decked out with 14,000 lights, all synced to flash to Halloween music. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!