Members of Earth First! protested the continuing construction of a wind farm on Kibby Mountain in the Kibby Township of Maine. One activist chained herself to a truck that was carrying a turbine blade to the job site. This according to an article yesterday in the Kennebec Journal.

Apparently the Earth First! folk feel the current project is too big (currently 22 turbines are running, another 22 are to be built on Kibby and 15 new turbines are set to go up on nearby Sisk Mountain) and threatens the local lynx population.

It’s hard to argue against wind turbines–commercial and/or residential–as the Gulf Coast blackens with oil, but I suppose it is good to ensure that these power companies are minimizing the impact to the surrounding plant and animal life. I’d hate to be trading one environmental disaster for another down the road.

That said, I’m not one to bemoan the loss of a ridgeline’s aesthetic appeal when turbines go up. I personally find them to be elegant machines representative of forward thinking.

What’s your take on the matter?

Credit: Kennebec Journal