Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30. The Humane Society and FLASH are urging pet owners to ACT NOW to properly prepare pets in the likely case of a hurricane.

Pet Owners have three options in the event of a hurricane:

  • Keep your pet with you at a secure, storm-prepared location (Red Cross shelters do not accept pets).
  • Take your pet with you to a friends or family members house or to a hotel in a safe zone. This should be prearranged to avoid surprise and confusion.
  • Leave your pet with a friend in a safe zone or board it at a veterinary clinic or kennel.

All pet boarding facilities require up-to-date vaccinations and proper identification.

  • Update your pets vaccinations.
  • Purchase tags and have your pet implanted with a microchip (tags and microchips used together are the most effective way of identifying pets).
  • Carry a current picture of you with your pet and its medical records with you at all times.

Following is a list of supplies to have prepared for your pet:

  • Portable carrier (large enough for the pet to stand up and turn around in)
  • Extra leash and collar
  • Extra identification tag
  • Pet food at least a two-week supply of dry food in water-tight container or canned food (manual can opener needed)
  • Water at least a two-week supply of clean water large dogs need one gallon per day
  • Up-to-date health records
  • Medications flea and tick preventative and two-month supply of heartworm preventative medication
  • Litter/newspapers
  • Toys and treats
  • Towels
  • First aid supplies
  • Recent photo of you with your pet

Credit: Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc.