It has happened to all of us. We hardly think at all and park our freshly washed car under some tree, some power lines, or (in my co-worker’s case) under a Chicago L train line. When we come back from our errand, it feels like the birds above are mocking us. We stare at the unmistakeable white blobs on the hood of our car and curse them as they sit there crowing at our defeat. No more! Grumpy Girl (love the name, by the way) has released the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit. Available online for $28.95, it comes complete with water bottle and windshield cleaner to loosen the mess, towels to wipe it up, cleaner wax and applicators, antibacterial wipes, and plastic baggies to store the mess until it can be properly disposed of. And it’s all contained in one slick-looking carrying case embossed with the Grumpy Girl logo. My father-in-law has had his car washed every Sunday for the past 15 years and this gift is going to make his Christmas. Thank you Grumpy Girl!

Grumpy Girl Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit