Those of you who remember the drought that plagued the South last summer are wise to prepare for this year. A new product called Rainwater Pillow promises to solve your problems. Developed by high-end garden landscaper and horticulturalist Jim Harrington last year, the Rainwater Pillow collects rainwater flowing off your home’s roof during the rainy season and stores it in a 1,000-gallon container in the crawlspace of your home. When you need water, the system’s pump system can pump out 10 to 12 gallons a minute, comparable to a standard garden hose. That’s useful when there’s a level-four drought and outdoor watering is prohibited. And best of all, no more water collection in unsightly blue barrels! The system is contained out of sight. Since the product began marketing in December, demand has been “overwhelming,” according to Harrington.

Credit: Rainwater Pillow