A cascading shower can get you going in the morning or refresh you after a strenuous day. The shower towers below take that concept to the extreme with multiple showerheads, handheld sprays and body sprays combined in a single unit. Many models can be retrofitted into existing shower stalls, while others are part of shower enclosure collections that can fit in the footprint of a standard 5-foot tub.

Before you make a purchase, consult with a plumber. If your water pressure is straining to rinse out shampoo already, major modifications may be necessary to take advantage of multiple sprays. Consider your hot water heater’s capacity, too. If two people cannot simultaneously shower with the tank’s current capacity, consider upgrading to a larger unit before adding extra sprays.

Kohler’s WaterHaven features two showerheads, four bodysprays and a handshower. The easy to install, pre-plumbed tower offers multiple water positions and one easy plumbing connection. Alcove and corner shower enclosures are available.

The Prestige Sensotronic from Hansgrohe features a manual thermostat with electronic control of the shower functions. This combination results in three advantages: pleasure under the shower, operating convenience and flexibility when it comes to installing the product.

The Aquatower 3000 from Grohe is equipped with a head shower and a dual hand shower, in addition to four individually adjustable side showers. It can be installed in all shower cubicles, transforming the quality of the shower experience. Managing the water elements is easy, thanks to its built-in thermostatic mixer.

The modular 6-jet BodySpa system from Kohler offers multiple bathing options in a single unit. It is designed to retrofit a 5-foot or 6-foot alcove, making it suitable for upgrading a standard bath or whirlpool.

The Jetted Shower XO from Delta features an extra outlet, allowing for the installation of an additional showerhead, hand shower, or jet module. A six-position diverter enables the user to control the outlets in various combinations to create a personalized shower experience. The jets can be adjusted for wide to narrow spray patterns.

Credit: Renovate with Tommy Mac