Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the garden lately or maybe I’m remembering my apartment days… whatever it is, I was struck by the garden in a box that I saw on Mocoloco . That led me to search for the product, which led me to think up my own modification. For those of us who crave a little green and a little dirt but have nothing but roofs, asphalt, or flagstone, consider a portable yard. You could buy simulated grass or Kirkkland’s interlocking grass mats with daisies, or you could make your own. Consider buying clear plastic dishes in a size that works for you. I’m thinking of the tops for plant starter flats. They run about $2 apiece. Do the math to figure out how much space you wish to cover and how many trays you’ll need. Then fill with dirt, sow with seed or intermittent wildflowers, and put them out on the rooftop or patio. The landlord can’t complain if your lawn is contained. The spots where the edges overlap should fill in nicely, especially if you sprinkle a bit of dirt on the seams. When growing season is done, pick them up, stack them to store, or empty the dirt into a container with mulch to fatten up for next year. Seems like a simple lawn solution to me. Give it a try!

Credit: Mocoloco