The new “Area Highlighter” feature on the Real Estate Search iPhone app makes it that much more fun to search for real estate by location. By free-style drawing with your fingers on a map, you can highlight the specific area where you’d like to check out real estate. Got a neighborhood in mind? Zip your fingers around to set the area where you want to search and then browse through the properties therein. Compliments of Move, Inc., the new Area Highlighter feature is just one more feather in this app’s cap.

There are also a few other cool search features, like selecting neighborhoods by name, customizing searches for properties in categories like “water view,” “water front” or “swimming pool.”

I played around with the app for a bit. It definitely gets addicting. The Area Highlighter feature is simple and definitely a nice touch. If I had designed it I probably would have included sound effects–remember Bill Cosby’s pen on Picture Pages? Yeah, that would have been a nice addition.

Still, the app–which debuted in January of this year–is free and worth checking out.