There’s an interesting backlash against LEED that’s underway. If you follow TreeHugger, you’ll remember a recent piece about the Sustainable Forest Initiative’s movement to get the Federal Government to drop LEED. Now there’s coverage of the Plastics industry making similar moves, claiming LEED’s 2012 restrictions on PVC will hurt the industry.

According to the Plastics industry, two proposed credits in the 2012 LEED rating system arbitrarily restricts chemicals in the building and uses a European standard called REACH, which the industry claims will hurt US manufacturers and job creation in the long run.

The other side of the argument suggests the Plastics industry is frightened by a safety standard being applied their products and is simply seeking to twist arms to hurt an establish building standard that is only working to keep home and building occupants safer and healthier.

Which side of the fence are you on in this matter?

Credit: TreeHugger