Everyone loves a good slideshow. But those days of having the neighbors over to sit through 2 hours of “Our Road Trip to the Grand Canyon” slides are long gone. Sure, you can post photo albums to the Web, or invite friends to view an online slideshow, but it’s in the home where we like to show off our most photogenic moments. The answer? An LCD photo frame, like the one offered by Audiovox. It looks like an ordinary picture frame, except it can hold up to 40 digital photos at 800 x 600 pixel quality. Photos will appear and linger on the screen for an adjustable length of time, before moving on to the next picture. The Audiovox version comes in three screen sizes—7, 8, and 10.4 in.—and comes with wood, black, or white frame trims. Cost is $135-240. Stick one of these on the mantel and watch those neighbors wait anxiously for the next photo of the family donkey-ride into the Canyon.