We can’t all afford to stage our homes, so for those of us who have to make do prior to open house day, Charter Homes put together this helpful checklist chock full of valuable advice.

A few of the tastier tips include:

  • Use Natural Light. Bright homes look bigger and more welcoming. Open the curtains and drapes and let the sun in. (As an add-on tip, consider scheduling the open house during hours when the sun is going to hit it just right.)
  • Make Yourself Scarce. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home, not see you currently living in it. Schedule yourself to be elsewhere during the open house and stick to it. FYI this goes for everyone else in your family, too!
  • Odorize. Or de-odorize, if the home needs it. Smells can be powerful memory triggers, and god forbid your home triggers some trauma in your guests! Okay, that may be a bit alarmist, but you do want your home to smell pleasant. But go easy on the air fresheners and sprays — it may seem like you’re trying hard to cover something up.
  • Head on over to CharterHomes.com for the full list, and don’t be afraid to share some of your tips below!

    Credit: CharterHomes.com