I drive on the highway in Central Florida, which means I get bombarded with the “love bug” (Plecia nearctica) just about everywhere I go.

Don’t cry for me nearctica.

The truth is I never felt you.

All through your wild days

Your mad existence.

You fly into my windshield

I clean your carcass.

I digress, but did you even know I could sing like Madonna? The simple truth is I spend too much time adding windshield wiper fluid to my car’s reservoir. To prevent making a big mess, I usually keep a funnel in the trunk but it sure does roll around (and things that go bump in the trunk are not something my wife likes to hear). A week ago I saw a funnel that lays completely flat so I can set it on top of the spare tire under the rug in my trunk. Not a bad idea. If I changed my own oil I guess I would use it even more. And it’s green. And not spilling fluid, including motor oil and other engine fluids, may just be “green” in other ways.

Credit: Form-a-Funnel

The Infamous Love Bug of Central Florida