Using your feet to power the car or house? The Flintstones would be proud…The FreeCharge Weza portable generator/battery from Freeplay stores enough juice to jump your wheels or get the lights back on, and all it takes is a heart-healthy step workout on the pedal to charge the internal battery. 100 steps per minute (which should get most users into their “Fat Burning” workout zone) generates 25 to 40 watts. The 400-amp max output Weza can also be charged with an AC or DC adapter via wall outlet, car battery, solar panel or wind turbine. A cigarette-lighter adapter allows for the powering of smaller items like laptops. A set of 66-in.-long jumper cables will wake up any old jalopy. Suitable for handling emergency lighting and some smaller appliances during an outage. Definitely not a total home backup solution, but it would keep the kids occupied during a blackout by running the home PC or a television. Retails at around $290. With the Weza, putting your foot down means having real power.

Credit: Popular Mechanics

Freeplay Energy