My wife drives me crazy the way she wastes water while waiting for the shower to get hot. She’ll turn on the shower and start brushing her teeth, make the bed, dawdle and do everything beside jump into the water until it’s good and warm. According to the evolve™ showerhead Web site, this type of behavior wastes two and a half gallons of water per minute. But now evolve has come up with an answer. Their patented technology slows the flow of the water to a trickle when the water reaches 95 degrees. This prevents hot water from being wasted down the drain and the sound of the trickle tells the person his or her shower is ready. Evolve estimates a family of three can save 2,700 gallons of water and shave $75 off their annual water bill using this showerhead. They offer a wide range of styles to fit most bathrooms and can be ordered online from their Web site.

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Credit: evolve showerheads