Got a kids’ bathroom you’d like to customize? Try these nifty knobs, from the aptly named Nifty Nobs. In addition to towel bars, hooks and other bathroom hardware, Nifty Nobs sells easily interchanged knobs that add a little personalized touch to any bathroom.

Got a sports nut? Try the football, basketball or baseball knob.

You’ll also want to check out the company’s latest product, an easy-to-install towel bar mounting system called the Convert>able Bath Accessory. To see how easy it is to install their sleek hardware, check out this video on their website. No clips or miniature set screws to mess with.

Although the emphasis here is on the interchangeable hardware nob for use in a kids’ bathroom, there are plenty of basic shaped knobs and decorative knobs for the adult in you, too.

The company is calling this a revolutionary bathroom product. It certainly puts a couple twists on the bathroom hardware category.

What do you think? Would you add Nifty Nobs to your bathroom?

Nifty Nobs