I am writing this blog on a bit of a self-congratulatory high. I dug headfirst into the home improvement projects I had left over from last year. Late fall was consumed with the downstairs bathroom renovation in which we took down the wallpaper (last room in the house with it! yippee!); re-plastered the walls; painted the walls, ceiling and trim; installed a new toilet and faucets; and bought a new shower curtain, rug and towels. Overall, we were happy with the affordable changes that certainly made a noticeable difference.

The holidays put all projects on hold but once the decorations were stored away again this weekend, it was time to get started on home improvements again. I had bought three sample paint colors from MyPerfectColor.com to try to find a better brown than the one we had painted on our master bedroom walls a couple of years ago. The color we selected ended up having a pinkish undertone, and we have never been happy with it. So, I painted my three sample brown hues on the wall and began the discussion with my husband and son. Luckily, we all eliminated the brown color that had a grayish tint to it, but it took 24 hours of discussion to decide between what I called a “dark chocolate” and the “milk chocolate” colors. Milk chocolate won, and my full gallon is on its way. (If painting is on your list of to-do projects, don’t miss our extensive collection of painting How-To, Step-by-Step Videos with easy-to-follow written instructions, which can be found here.)

I started another project this weekend, which is an affordable way to refinish my outdated countertop in the bathroom we began this fall. I am using the Bath, Sink & Title Refinishing Kit for Dummies by Armorpoxy, which contains a heavy-duty, bright white epoxy (tintable if you want to color it) that can be used to refinish baths, tile, tubs, sinks, counters, floors and more. If it works, I can rid my bathroom of the gold-speckled, 1970s style countertop and create a clean, white, modern surface. I’ll let you know how both projects go and be sure to post photos.

Write a comment below and let me know what your new year’s home improvement resolutions are or if you have any affordable solutions for DIY renovations.