There’s always some new-fangled invention or tool looking to do the job of many or replace all those old what-nots and what-have-you’s from the work bench. Most are quickly passed over. Once in a while, though, a new tool comes along that’s worth considering. Take Crescent’s new R2 RapidRench, for example. They’re calling it the first ever adjustable ratcheting socket wrench with a 1/4″ – 7/8” jaw capacity. It combines an adjustable wrench with a ratcheting socket set to create a versatile, new hybrid tool. Crescent claims it will replace as many as 38 of the most popular (read: commonly used) socket sizes, and that it can be used on hundreds of fasteners. It will easily fit both SAE and metric fasteners and can be yours for about $29. Look out, socket set—you’re heading to the garage sale!

Cooper Hand Tools