Given the 122 known incidents of malfunctions in toddler beds between 2005 and 2010 — including 43 injuries and four deaths — it is small wonder the CPSC pressured the industry to make changes.

Yesterday the CPSC announced a unanimous approval of a new safety standard to toddler beds in an effort to prevent injuries to children.

Those new standards require the following:

  • The upper edge of the guardrail must be at least five inches above the toddler’s bed matteress.
  • Spindle/slat strength testing for toddler beds must be consistent with the testing required for crib spindles/slats.
  • Separate warning labels to address entrapment and strangulation hazards must appear on toddler beds.
  • These standards go into effect six months after publication in the Federal Register.

    Consumers should be sure they are purchasing a toddler bed that adheres to these new standards. Let’s keep our infants and toddlers safe!

    Credit: CPSC