The Healthy Home, a newly-released book written by Dr. Myron Wentz and the Dave Wentz, CEO of USANA Health Sciences, is a guide to making our homes safer and cleaner.

The book takes the microscope to the average home, addressing toxins found in everyday cleaning supplies, contaminants in our food and much, much more.

Although the target market seems to be parents who want a safer indoor environment for their children, I think this book (and the issue it addresses) pertains to us all, regardless of our home’s occupants.

We routinely wallow in an indoor world of chemicals, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and toxins. Those toxins get absorbed by our skin, inhaled and ingested, causing detrimental effects both immediate and long-term.

We all need to take a closer look at the indoor air quality of our homes, the places we spend so much of our time. Books like these help shine the spotlight on a topic worthy of deep investigation. The weather channel talks about the air quality outdoors, but where’s the forecast for indoor air quality? Where are the gadgets to measure indoor air pollution? That’s what we need more of in our homes.

What have you done to address indoor air quality and potential toxins in your home?

Credit: The Healthy Home

Guide to Indoor Air Quality