In accordance with a Congressional mandate the CPSC has recently launched a new consumer product safety site called The site will be a database of safety information on all kinds of products. It will also serve as a location where consumers are encouraged to file reports of unsafe products.

Since one can foresee inaccurate or false reporting the site and the CPSC remind consumers to provide information that is true and accurate, as reports lacking the required information will not get published on the site.

As of today the most searched for phrases on the site were:

  • Crib
  • Children Clothing
  • Bicycles
  • Battery
  • Toy Animal
  • A lot of folks worried about the little ones. I’m not surprised that “crib” is top of the list. With the onslaught of product recalls in that category it’s small wonder consumers are taking the time to do a little extra research before making that purchase.

    Well done Congress and CPSC for making our world just a little safer.