How many times have we seen the female character in a horror movie get killed off when a hair dryer falls (is thrown) into the bathtub she’s soaking in? Classic.

And about to be completely unrealistic (as opposed to the rest of the movie), thanks to a recently approved federal safety rule on hand-supported hair dryers.

The new rule gives the CPSC the authority to stop shipments of any hand-supported hair dryer that lacks an immersion protection device, which is designed to prevent shock and electrocution.

Until now the inclusion of an immersion protection device was an industry voluntary standard.

So this is a good thing for consumers. And a bad thing for Wes Craven. Time to think of new ways to off your characters, Wes.

Read more on the new standards rule at the CPSC website. Be sure your hair dryer has an immersion protection device included in its design.