Hurricane season is upon us, which means that, unfortunately, there’s a good chance that someone will need disaster relief shelter at some point this summer or autumn.

Enter the new fold flat shelter by German designer Adrian Lippmann. This intriguing structure is shipped flat, but turns into an unsupported mini-house after basic assembly, which entails manually folding the walls and roof and then placing adjustable substructures on the main structure. The houses are made of light composite panels, and require eight square meters of floorspace, although they can be expanded to cover 13 to 18 square meters of floorspace.

I suspect that this design, which was featured at the DMY 2010 International Design Festival in Berlin this month and on, could provide much-needed temporary shelter to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, or man-made disasters.

What do you think—is this a viable relief option, or is it impractical?