I do declare that the first Sunday in June to officially be Bug Your Mom Day. As people who read my blogs know, I live in Florida but for you Northerners the bugs really are not out in full force until June. So, June makes sense for us as a nation to start thinking about bugs. Moms and dads need to be extra diligent in checking their kids for ticks or other bug bites as well as checking the pets for fleas, mites, etc. This diligence also means wearing bug repellent (and sunscreen if you really want to be safe). As a kid, I remember not really caring if I got bit by a mosquito or a bee or even the occasional Orb spider, but my mom sure did. Many bugs carry diseases from Lyme disease to malaria to West Nile, not to mention bacteria and other germs they may be transporting from the last animal or person they bit.

P.S. The reason I called this Bug Your Mom Day instead of Bug Your Parents Day is nobody really cares if you bug your dad.