I’m a huge fan of witty inventions—especially when they save me time or make my house neater! The Drain Mate is a really cool improvement over the typical dish drainer that clutters the counters and has no real home below deck. This nifty built-in sits in your counter next to the sink and connects to the drain line below. When flat, the Drain Mate serves as a cutting board or stainless-steel hot dish plate. Take off the cutting board and a well appears, complete with drain holes for the water to escape and flow out through the waste line. Just set your Drain Mate dish rack in it and wash away. Very neat! The surface is 16 inches wide and 18 inches long, with a 1¼-inch lip to contain water. Drain Mates are drop-in items, complete with installation instructions and shipped directly to you for around $179 plus handling. Granted, this means I’ll have to hoe out the cupboard below to store my folding rack, but I’m thinking it’s worth it!

Drain Mate