My husband and I have owned our house for 2 1/2 years. Like most first-time homeowners, we were eager to start fixing up and personalizing our now 66-year-old house. However, one month after moving in, we got the happy news that we were pregnant with our first child, so projects around the house weren’t ever given as much time or energy as we had hoped. But enough with the excuses…I mean, explanations. Now that our son is nearly two and becoming more independent every day, I hereby resolve (and by putting it in writing on online, I’m hoping to publicly force myself into taking action) to finish the following projects on my home this year:

1. Fix bare wiring on back porch light
2. Complete built-in TV unit
3. Paint living room
4. Nail down loose wood floorboards

This year we did manage to complete some goals on our wish list. We built a large, fenced-in area for our dog; replaced our mercury thermostat with a programmable one; installed a low-flow, high-efficiency showerhead; fixed a leaky pipe in the cellar; and cleaned up the front yard by removing some dead shrubs, lining the flower beds with stones we dug out of the backyard and adding mulch.

I’ll let you know December 31, 2008 how I did on this list.