What do you get when you combine the all-American traditions of auto racing and BBQ grills? Answer—the picture at left. Steve Barker of Ohio specializes in custom-made BBQ grills and he shows his remarkable prowess with this creation. The grill is fitted to resemble an engine block, complete with exhaust pipes to let the smoke out, pistons for knobs, and diamond plates for side tables. Best of all, Barker can put any name or logo on the grilling surface so your meat comes out complete with its own brand. This grill is testosterone on overdrive. But Barker is not limited to this particular design, he’s currently working on a grill that resembles a baby grand piano. If you’re serious about modifying your grill, contact him via e-mail at zr2blazer AT verizon DOT net. Designs typically start at just under $2,000.

Credit: NeatoRama