There’s a reason wallpaper went out of style. It’s messy, a pain to hang and an even bigger pain to remove. But a company called Murals Your Way wants to bring wallpaper back by eliminating those headaches long associated with wallpaper.

The company’s “repositionable” wallpaper is removable and can be “reused hundreds of times” without losing its ability to adhere to walls. The product comes in vinyl, “smartstick” and canvas materials. The smartstick material comes with a backing that gets removed to expose the adhering side, while the vinyl and canvas versions do require a wall covering adhesive or paste for installation. (Which makes one wonder truly about the ease of removing the product at all.

In truth, the product is meant to be more of a mural than an extended pattern to cover an entire wall or room. (Take a look at their Example Page for an idea of what customers have done with the stuff.) There are some cool ideas there, without a doubt.

Would you put up a Mural Your Way?

Murals Your Way