Lasers are cool— and now Stanley is setting out to make cool laser technology available to DIY-ers everywhere. Stanley’s FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer—laser tape measure—is actually affordable for weekenders like myself, unlike the professional models that have been around for years. It costs a mere $99 and is really easy to use. Hold the laser at the starting point, aim the laser dot at the point to which you are measuring, press a button, and voilà—distances up to 100’ are measured accurately to within ¼” on the LCD. The Tru-Laser can measure single distances, areas, and volumes, and will also figure add/subtract calculations. And all this on a 9V battery. I may not have gotten an “A” on my final physics project in high school—unlike the girl who actually built a lasar— but with this tool in hand I may just ace my next home improvement project.

Credit: Kevin Kelly — Cool Tools