There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes roaming around your backyard. The army of them that joined my family’s July 4th celebration was far too much to fend off with a small bottle of bug spray. We desperately needed some added protection. I now know that Blue Rhino’s SkeeterVac could have really helped us avoid our backyard bug problems. This device traps biting insects by acting as a false host site. Evidently, mosquitoes are attracted to humans and pets by the CO2, moisture and heat from our breath and by body odor. The SkeeterVac emits a scented CO2 lure that represents a potential host site to a mosquito. (The amount of lure that is emitted can be adjusted manually). Once the bugs land on the device, they are captured on a sticky trap or by a vacuum fan. There, they quickly dehydrate and die, never to bother you or your family again.