I’m fascinated with both very large and very tall structures. (I also love those Discovery Health shows like “World’s Tallest Woman” and “America’s Shortest Man,” but that’s beside the point.) And, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m an advocate of environmentally friendly efforts. That’s why Tiny Texas Houses is a company whose product drew my attention.

In 2006, Brad Kittel, owner of Discovery Architectural Antiques, had tons of materials stored in his 150,000-square-foot salvage business in Gonzales, Texas. That’s when the idea came to him to use the materials to build small, one-of-a-kind houses almost exclusively out of the vintage materials he salvages. Each one of his Tiny Texas Houses evokes a period style. The sizes range from 8’x16′ to as large as 12′ x 20′ with the ability to put a couple units together to create a larger space.

Brad tells me, “I believe we are the only Tiny House Builder in the country using 95 percent salvaged materials, including doors, windows, all lumber, hardware, tubs, bath sinks, flooring, lofts, etc. The only things we do new are wiring, insulation and plumbing lines.” Pricing for Tiny Texas Houses ranges from $32,000 to $55,000, but custom larger models could amount to more.

Brad adds: “Our goal is to prove that the trillion board feet of salvageable lumber sitting on the ground in the U.S.A. is enough to build the next generation of housing and building it to last for the next few centuries instead for simply a few decades. Our goal is to offer seminars and teach from a Tiny Texas Village here on 30 acres next to IH10 in Texas.”

Credit: Tiny Texas Houses