Homeowners need never be at a loss for countertop options—with solid surfacing, granite, quartz, laminates, and others, there’s almost too many to choose from. Now there’s another one to add to the list—Alkemi. This new surface has a lot going for it, starting with the fact that it is a renewed material. Alkemi is made from at least 60% recycled post-industrial scrap aluminum. It is technically a solid surface with a “green” twist—most of its aluminum would normally be burned and spit out as a pollutant. It looks much better on counters! Alkemi comes in enough color options to appeal to any design palate and has pretty cool names like “Pod” and “Aegean.” Alkemi sells for about $70-80 per square foot and comes in the industry standard ½” and ¾” sizes. It can also be sanded and cut using conventional woodworking tools. Available now.

Renewed Materials