Consider installing a longitudinal tie-down system at the front and rear of your home. These systems rely less on ground anchors and can help avoid the effects of rust and corrosion on wind uplift resistance.

Conduct an annual safety check-up and follow these tips:

  • Check for loose straps.
  • Make sure straps are properly aligned and not on an angle.
  • Check for proper number of tie-downs and for proper installation.
  • Check for proper installation of ground anchors and stabilizer plates.
  • Make sure that support piers are in contact with the frame.
  • Replace straps or ground anchors that show signs of corrosion or damage.

Have a plan where to go during a tornado threat—a nearby pre-identified safe structure within walking distance.

Get Together With Neighbors
If you live in a mobile or manufactured home park and severe weather threatens, get together with other residents and the park owner/manager to designate safe shelter areas in the park or community.

Credit: Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc.