I’ve always thought of the moments spent in front of the mirror as Me Time. Just me and, well, me. Seura is looking to change all that with their Television Mirror—a television within a mirror. Seura’s patented mirror technology plays Jekyll and Hyde with your bathroom mirror—turn it on and your favorite show, anchorperson, or sports team lights up on the integrated LCD screen; turn it off and you have a smooth, nondescript mirror. Mirror sizes are customizable, as is the LCD screen, which ranges in size from 15” to 45”. The television has self-contained speakers and can be hooked up to cable, satellite, and DVD. The entire unit (mirror and television) can be recessed or surface-mounted and comes with an infrared remote control. Recessed versions extend ½” and require a small cut in the wall. Seura also offers HDTV and EDTV-enabled LCD’s at a slightly elevated cost. Prices vary depending upon mirror size, and LCD type and size. One dealer quoted a 20” screen unit at $4549. The 45” LCD sold for $14,999. Not cheap, but if the remote could adjust attraction levels when in Mirror Mode, I’d shell out that kind of dough faster than you could sing “You’re So Vain.” And I wouldn’t be alone, would I?